Tool management


We are continuously working hard to optimise our hand tools. Our aim is to make your work easier through the quality of our products and services. Our innovative solutions are designed to make your daily business easier and thus increase your productivity and efficiency.

This means adhering to two standards:

  • 1. Standard Wuerth quality
    Items characterised by the customary high Wuerth product quality
  • 2. ZEBRA quality
    Top-quality item with functional benefits
    Additional features such as: ergonomic grip, mechanical advantages, special technologies (Powerdrive®), very high-quality base materials, longer service life

The tool product group solutions are all about giving you the right tools for the job.

The tool range comprises more than 15,000 items:

  • Material processing
    (Drilling, punching, milling, countersinking, deburring, thread-cutting, surface finishing, cutting)
  • Hand tools
    (Pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, spanners, impact and clamping tools, measuring tools)
  • Power tools
    (Electrical, cordless and pneumatic tools)