The Wuerth scanner - scanner-based ordering systems

Our Würth scanner makes registering your requirements a breeze!

Würth scanner - automatic supply system

The Würth scanner connects offline systems with online systems.

Use your own laser scanner to capture the barcodes whenever and wherever you like. Simply reading the item information from the rack, the ORSY® packaging or the bar code in the catalogue makes all the required ordering information available online as soon as the data is transferred. You can save all the items on your device until your order is placed.

The information saved is transferred to your shopping cart in the Würth online shop, where you can check it and supplement it at your convenience. The options to assign cost centres, order numbers, parts numbers and delivery addresses enable the purchase order to be directly aligned with your internal processes.

You can transfer your order directly into our system at the click of a button. You will receive confirmation of your order straight away. The product will be delivered according to your selected settings and saved address.

Other options at your fingertips: employee administration, cost centre allocation, delivery address management, inventory, budget allocation, approval workflow