A multitude of internal and external factors influence your business and present new challenges in your daily work. In particular, the increasing pressure to continuously increase performance and productivity at a decreasing cost level and the simultaneous urge to implement innovative processes in order to keep up with the competitors. At the same time, it is becoming harder to find and retain qualified employees who will face this challenge together with you and drive the digital transformation of your business processes.


  • Increase the productivity.
  • Finding and retaining employees.
  • Process optimization and rationalization.
  • Cost pressure.
  • Use of new technologies.


Our purpose

The Würth Business Services organization is well equipped to meet these challenges. On the one hand, the technical equipment complies with the current standards and thus enables seamless integration into the customer's system landscape. On the other hand, the employees and the organizational structures are selected in a way that a fast and easy scalability is guaranteed. These two points enable the smooth takeover of tasks from different customers.

Wuerth Shared Services Office
Wuerth Shared Services Office
Wuerth Shared Services Office


The offer

The Würth Business Services team consists of a growing number of experts. Our team can provide you professional support in determining the personnel and infrastructural requirements for your task. Whether it's about on a single assignment, or a complete end-to-end process. The continuous control of each task also ensures that the transferred tasks are processed in the right quality and quantity.

DefinitionPlanning Setup TransferControlling
Definition of the exact task that should be transferred to Würth Business Services.How the task should be transferred? How the training of the employees should happen? How the data- and information flow should be arranged?Setup of the necessary in-frastructure (IT & employees).The actual transfer of the task, when the task gets done the first time at the Würth Business Services Center.Ongoing monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative aspect of the transferred task.


The highlights

  • Provision of infrastructure and qualified staff.
  • Scalability of the transferred activities.
  • Front to back support in the transfer of the tasks.

We offer a variety of different services from various departments. Below you will find a brief overview of some of the services currently offered.


Why choose Würth Business Services?

In order to keep the focus on Wuerth's customer orientation, the background processes must run smoothly. This is where the biggest advantage of our offer lies: Tasks that do not belong to your core competencies and unnecessarily tie up your work capacity can be handled more efficiently in our Shared Services Center.

This does not only brings you advantages on the cost side, but is also an important lever for increasing your productivity and efficiency.



If you have any questions regarding our services, or if you are interested in using our services, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

Wuerth Shared Services Center
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